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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  November 18, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EST

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tv's number one daily viral video show, "right this minute." >> you're not welcome here. get gone. >> it's beautiful country but one ugly confrontation. >> it's kind of escalated to a tipping point. >> find out what sent this fight
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straight over the edge. >> get your hands off her. we're leaving! we're leaving! mommy and her little man are on their way. >> jackson is super excited. >> see why the real excitement is on the other end. well, looky who's past out on the grass. >> this is a deer hangover. >> why an ice pack and aspirin might be in order. plus the buzzword for your shot to win a new ipad mini, and one man's -- >> campaign to keep portland weird. >> the secret message behind the diaper wearing fire breathing bagpiper. it's all there and it's all weird. there are many traditions the world over for many countries, some of them dating back hundreds of thousands of years, and the thing is, some of these traditions are stupid. do we know what this is? can we tell what's going on? well, yes, but no. fox hunting in the uk was banned
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in 2004 with the hunting act. these guys claim that's not what's going on. >> you're hunting. >> for rabbits. >> no apparently they're chasing rabbits. that doesn't seem too likely. the video was shot by hunt san tours, citizens who police people breaking the law. after a couple of hours being unsuccessful, not being able to hunt, they appear to call in backup. >> yes you're not meant to [ bleep ] be here! >> they're significantly more angry and significantly more aggressive trying to physically block these people from seeing what's going on, not that anything's going on. >> hunting rabbits? >> rabbits? shows how much you know. >> [ bleep ] idiot. >> the san toboteures continue report on the world's most annoying human being. >> what are you doing? what are you doing? what are you doing? >> it's escalated to a tipping
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point. it finally tips over when this fellow arrives. >> illegal activity going on here. >> hits the camera, and now he continues getting aggressive. >> do what you want, but get out. >> oh, he pushed that one back. >> as her back is turned, shoves her to the floor. >> so bad situation was just made much, much, much worse. >> she's now got a cut above her eye. she took a strike to the face. >> ooh, that's a bad injury. >> you all hit women? >> you can hit me if you want? >> i'd like to punch that guy. >> let's check in with the people that run the hunt. >> you think this is okay, you want to hit women? >> i haven't hit you. >> no, but you are responsible for it. >> you're not a woman. >> i'm not a woman? >> okay. >> what am i then? >> a monster. >> maybe there's an american/english difference on what a monster is. >> no, i think she's, i can't really say it on television. >> we're leaving! we're leaving! >> we are going to grammies. >> yes, they're going to grammies. paula, her 4-year-old son jackson and 1-year-old
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mackenzie. they live in maryland and this is about to be quite the adventure. >> going over the river and through the woods? >> well through the woods and on the plane because they're headed to california, but before we go, we got to go over a few things. >> i need you to listen. i need you to pay attention. and i need you to like stay with mommy, okay? because we're going to be in an airport, and most of all i need you to behave. >> that look he just gave the camera says, nope, i've got other plans, mom. >> it's going to be impossible. >> great. >> i'm excited! >> jackson is super excited! so up, up and away they go. >> a long flight for a couple young kids. >> it is but they made it. now the next morning, time to get the ball rolling. >> where is grammy? >> in reno, nevada, hanging out with her hubby because it's her 50th birthday which is why they snuck into town. paul is making breakfast,
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jackson is playing games with uncle nick. >> sounds about right. >> yeah, i got him. >> everybody get ready. here she comes. >> run, run! >> she opens the door -- >> surprise! >> oh! >> oh! oh! >> she just drops everything when she sees jackson's little face carrying the flowers. >> he surprised her. >> they haven't seen her since april 2017 even they figure it's her 50th birthday they should be in the house. >> parents always say i don't want presents, i want your presence. >> gotcha. it's never good when you come up on a deer, and it is completely out. right next to that house, on the lawn, these guys are very concerned for this deer. what is going on? >> maybe a hunter grazed it or a hunter got a shot on it? >> hit by a car? >> did it get clipped by a car? this guy wants to help out,
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wants to know what's going on. the deer is not moving at all. so he very carefully walks up to the deer in this juken video, he leans over it and reaches over and it turns out, the deer was just having a nap. >> he's like bro, really? i had like more minutes. >> a deer hangover. this guy had a bender last night. >> we've all woken up on somebody's lawn once. >> that's right. >> you might be on to something. it tries to get up and it's too wobbly on its feet and this is not a newborn deer, when they're barely getting their legs under them, no. i love this moment when the guy is able to pet it. it was a really sweet moment shared with this guy here. now in this next video we have a little predicament. little bunny early in the morning. stuck. >> a hare-y situation. >> not a lucky bunny. >> looks like a pet bunny. >> the white bum attracting all
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the attention. this is just embarrassing. >> so humiliating. this guy grabs his wire cutters and starts cutting the wire around the hip of the bunny and watch. in just enough time the bunny gets released and it's able to hop away. time to give away another ipad mini. >> toner it you'll need friday's buzzword, be at least 21 years old and a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzzword is coming up in a bit. >> stand by everyone for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. depending on where you live you may or may not have snow on the ski resort mountains. these guys from real ski have snow and are attempting tricks like that. >> that's a good one. >> some work, some don't. >> ooh. hopefully he was wearing -- >> this is good. you can't make it up to the mounta mountain, just bring the mountain to you. >> they're using different toe ropes and small hills to work it out. that was awesome.
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little zip line thing. who needs hips for the hula hoop when you can use your neck. >> this is a great video. >> sliding along that tiny ledge on the side of the building. >> these guys are awesome. >> that trick was a little gutting. these guys try to blend the slack line with skiing although it looks like they used a tow rope instead. >> ski lining. >> oh! >> when it works, it works really well and we get to enjoy an awesome video. someone is not a fan of friends giving. >> i see more and more pictures and videos of people celebrating a new holiday that just came out of nowhere. >> hear why she's not on board. and it's the world's first giant robot tournament. >> where do i get a ticket? i'm willing to pay. what do i got to do? find out next. for sparks to fly
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as if it wasn't hard enough for parents to keep track of all the darned activities throughout the year with their kids and the holidays, they have to add one more frickin' holiday. >> as i'm scrolling through my facebook feed, i see more and more pictures and videos of people celebrating a new holiday that just came out of nowhere called friendsgiving. >> vena blizzard known online as one funny mother is not happy about this. she's had enough. >> i thought friendsgiving was say you don't have any family to see on thanksgiving, you and your mates get together and eat some turkey. >> probably started that way. friendsgiving is being celebrated on wednesday. >> it is less than two weeks 'til thanksgiving. i already have no idea what we're eating, i have no idea who
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is coming or where they're sleeping, and you all somewhere on the internet universe have decided let's add another holiday. >> one funny mother, it sounds to me like you really need a friendsgiving. let's go out on wednesday night, get you a couple of drinks and just chill out. >> she obviously really needed some chardonnay. that's creating a game called chardonnay go. >> this is chardonnay go, the board game for wine lovers, moms and other shameless people. starting out as a video last summer. it was a pa are diof the pokemon craze. >> i play a similar game, called drink the wine. i'm very good at it. charity is good as well. >> i always win, baby. >> the thing is she's on to everybody that came up with friendsgiving. >> you're basically saying, i hate thanksgiving so much with my own family, i'm going to actually spend it with people i like. >> that's not might. it's true.
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that's the facts behind friendsgiving. >> sounds like she needs to learn to say no. >> stop making extra holidays! in november! a few years ago a couple of guys from the bay area with a giant robot challenged guyed with japan to a fight and it was awesome which brings us to today. >> what does the future hold? >> i think it's time to make this a sports league. >> you didn't think we were done, did you? >> we've been talking about that ever since we learned about mega bots. needed to be a series. >> matt and pete have a plan. >> now you want to see one in person. >> organizing this duel helps teach you how to most giant robot fights. time to bring them to you live. >> the people have spoken, they want to see it live. >> we need your help to fill an arena and kick up the most insane sports league the world has ever seen.
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>> might sound like the stuff of dreams but they have heard from over 20 teams from china, japan, south korea, canada, australia and the states. they all want in. >> building robots is complicated and expensive. we'll make sure qualified teams it throw down. >> over the next year we'll teach the teams what we've learned and help they design, build and test giant robots to compete for the super heavyweight title. >> follow the developments on their youtube channel and a chance to go up close and personal at mega bots live event. >> if you wanted to see robots with rocket fist or battlefields backing this campaign you get a voice in how this sport is shaped from the ground up. >> if you've got ideas that you want involved in this, donate, you'll get to vote and get to suggest rules and ways they can do battle and they're putting all their chips on this idea. if they don't meet their quoll which is just under $1 million, they may have to fold the whole
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mega bot idea. people are asking for this, saying we've got the teams, we've got the know-how. we all need to come together and make it a reality. this scooter rider is holding up traffic. on his phone continuing to take a phone call. the guys in the car behind him are not having it. smack! >> whoa! plus don't miss the buzzword for your chance to win an ipad mini. any object. any surface. if you've got a life you gotta swiffer guyyou know whatals arethat coming through, coming through, coming through! this saturday only: save 25% on toys.
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give him a good smack across the face for talking in the middle of traffic. all he needed to do was as you saw move up just a little bit to let traffic through. >> on the other end three guys getting out of the car to smack some dude around the head is not the way we'd suggest dealing with the situation. >> next guy in england upset because we know that they're parking and ticketing wardens can be a little aggressive. this guy pulls out his camera and gets video of the ticket ward opinion >> see him there trying to take a picture? >> the guy behind the camera has kind of a legitimate gripe. he claims that his reliant robin, which are reliably unreliable cars, broke down and he pulled into this parking lot so he could work on his car, and get it going again. that's when the parking enforcement officer approached him and said hi, how are you doing? the guy was like great, just trying to fix my car, but the officer continued to write a ticket, even though this guy told him he was broken down.
2:31 am
then to add insult to injury -- >> sticker on my back window tells me happy [ bleep ] chris was. [ bleep ]. >> the ticket was worth a $66 fine. >> hired hater. one of the hottest tickets in town across the pond was for the mtv emas, the europe music awards, almost impossible to get in unless you have a ticket or a journalist or simon wilson and just decide to walk in. i'll try to walk in the side entrance. not like i'm just going to be able to walk in and -- wait it is. goes to the side entrance, goes through security and -- >> hi, how are you? >> okay. >> in this area i guess he can't go anywhere else but you'd be surprised what you can get if you just ask. >> do you mind if i just take a walk? >> cool.
2:32 am
i'm back stage. i can't tell if he's happy about it though. >> you tell us how often this silly accent of yours works, and it seems to be working for him but it should work because he's in england. >> now he's back stage, he's right there, everybody's walking by, so he tries to do a little bit of celebrity spotting, not hard. there are some people he can't quite place like this complete random. >> how is it going? >> that was bono, the lead singer of u2. speaking of u2 -- oh there's the whole band walking right by him. >> he's doing all this celebrity spotting but no one has looked at him to notice that there are no credentials, no wristband, nothing on this guy? >> honestly, eight once you're in there, act like you're supposed to be there and no one is going to question. towards the end of the video
2:33 am
he's hanging out with jedwood they're so enamored as he's leaving they're literally shaking his hand. if you want to see some of the biggest stars in the world, go in the side door and act like you're supposed to be there. >> absolutely crazy. are you ready? time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter you'll need the buzzword, be at least 1 years old and be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> you can enter on facebook and twitter every day. >> friday's buzzword is evergreen. >> get over to, click on the win ipad button and enter friday's buzzword evergreen. >> good luck, everybody. she's been practicing martial arts -- >> since she was 4 years old. >> and she's about to use her skills to reveal some g
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there's no medical exam required or health questionnaire to answer. make a call that can make a difference for your loved ones. ♪ ♪ into that bot nol problem. >> allows men to feel like men. portland, oregon, is known for being weird and people like it that way, in fact there's a campaign to keep portland weird. i support that. so does the unipiper. ♪ >> ha ha ha!
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[ bagpipe playing lullaby ] >> put another one and another one, when do we stop? >> that's why it's weird and they love it. >> not only is he dressed as a baby, he starts playing a lullaby on his fire breathing bagpipe. while balancing on a ball. >> i just noticed the baby bottle. it's all there. it's all weird. >> i already want to go to portland. >> reports say that this resulted from a bike, from a radioactive unicycle giving him the superpower to make people smile. he's so weird and unique he appeared on jimmy kimmel. sounds like he went with this theme, he and his lady are
2:38 am
expecting a baby so soemd like a fun thing to do. >> can't wait until his kid see this is video. >> now to this martial arts studio in florida, where a couple that's been dating for a few years is about to learn the sex of their baby. now, michaela lopez has been practicing martial arts since she was 4 years old. she's kind of a big deal, and holds a black belt. >> she's a bad mamajamma, i wouldn't want to mess with her. >> blue fills up the room, dad starts jumping up and down celebrating. i think he's excited it's going to be a boy. that's our show. catch us on the all new "rtm." mcnally, you okay? maybe she's dead. missed me by a hair. i'm really hungry, and i wanna get drunk. peck, put your headgear on.
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